Friday, July 5, 2013

~10 days of Bliss~

10 days

We just got home from our first vacation of the summer. We had the best time enjoying family and friends. The only thing I'm bummed about is I forgot my camera, so the only pictures I got are on Adams Ipod. And he didn't get very many. Here are some high lights of our trip...

1. Flat tire right outside Boise, at around midnight their time....stopped at every hotel we saw, no rooms until Ontario! Thankfully there was a Les Schawb right across the street, got tire fixed the next morning, and headed out.
2. Stopped in Pendleton to swim at the little water park there. I was convinced it wasn't warm enough to swim, turns out I was wrong! Adam and the boys swam for a couple hours while I worked on my tan. Towards the end of the afternoon Adam was doing his signature cannon ball and ended up bursting his eardrum...OUCH!!
3. Spent Saturday and Sunday with Adams parents and family. Had fun visiting while the kids played.
4. Monday we spent with my parents and Rene. Went to Sky High, shopped at WA Square, then had a yummy dinner at mom and dads.
5. Tuesday we headed up to Chehalis to spend the rest of the week at Rene's...Ethan and Kyler got to go to soccer practice with their team. I think its safe to say they were missed by the team as much as they miss being part of it! I'm so glad they are able to see their team and still be part of it when we go home!!
6. Wednesday evening Rene, Darrell, Adam and I went to our favorite restaurant in Olympia, Falls Terrace. All I can say is YUM!!! Potato crusted halibut is to die for!! We really miss our date nights and all the fun times we have with R and D so it was really nice to go out just the 4 of us.
7. Thursday was my day! Clarissa has a gig at a little restaurant on Thursdays so Rene and I got to go listen to her play....I knew she would be amazing, but I was literally BLOWN AWAY!! She just started playing guitar in January and she is awesome!! After lunch Rene and I did a little shopping...again so great to hang with my sister! That night a few friends got together for Clarissa's birthday. We went to an open mic night at a coffee house. Clarissa wasn't sure if she would sing but with a little encouragement from us she did, again BLOWN AWAY!! I'm convinced she will be a big star someday :) We couldn't end the night without Applebees, so we headed over there for some girl talk and laughs. I just have to say MAN I MISS THOSE LADIES!!!!! It was so much fun and I wish it could have lasted longer!!
8. Friday morning we headed out to Black Butte for Adams family reunion. What a great weekend!!  We rented a huge house with Lenny Kristi Shannon and their families. It was so nice! Right by the pool and a perfect place for the huge family meals we had all weekend. I'm not sure who had more fun, Adam or the kids. Friday we just pretty much spent unloading and getting settled. We had a big taco dinner with everyone at Adams moms house. It was so fun to see everyone! Its been way to long! Saturday morning Kristi, Shannon and I put on breakfast for everyone it went really well once I got the waffle makers figured out! Then Adam took off golfing with the guys. He had the best time! Memories I'm sure he will hold onto forever. He kept telling me how great it was to hang with his brothers and do something they all enjoy. While he was gone the kids and I hung at the pool. It was so great seeing my kids reconnect with their cousins! Again so bummed I didn't have my camera!!!!!
That night we had the most awesome dinner!! Lenny shared his catch from Alaska with all of us! I ate more that night than I did the whole weekend! the best fish Iv had in a long time!
Sunday we spent the day at the pool with all the cousins. Probably my favorite day of the whole weekend. Visiting in the pool while the kids swam, lots of laughs and making plans for seeing each other again. We ended the day back at Adams moms for dinner and family pictures. Sadly Jared and Beth had already left but we got some good pictures. After pictures a few of us adults and all the kids played around on the golf course, running races and then a big baseball game. SO MUCH FUN!! I know my kids will remember it forever!! All in all there were alot of laughs and stories told. The drive home was just about silent from the back seat the kids were so worn out.
It was a GREAT 10 days, but I am so glad to be home.....Just to turn around and do it again 2 weeks later :) Gotta love family reunions!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break 2013

~Spring Break 2013~
Where to start?? I guess the beginning is a good place.
My sisters have been going to Palm Springs for spring break for a while now. When Adam was paving spring vacations just wernt an option for us. So I would sit home freezing every year, while my sisters were enjoying the warm, sunny, beautiful California weather. That is until last year. Adam had gotten the job at Newmont, and was starting right after spring break so we decided to join them for a couple days. We were hooked!! I started looking for a condo I think in December. (It was a LONG COLD winter here!!)
After a really long wait our vacation finally came!!
Adam has always wanted to see the Hoover Dam, so we drove to Vegas and stayed a couple nights there. There is alot of things advertised for families to do in Vegas, so we figured we would check some of it out. Saturday evening was a lot of fun. We ate at Rain Forest Cafe, and watched the fountains at the Bellagio...twice. We were all having a really good time, walking around, seeing all the fancy cars and just enjoying the big city. Sunday we went to the Hoover Dam. I have to say I wasn't really excited to go, but it was something Adam really wanted to see. It was AWESOME!! We didn't do a tour or anything, I think that would have been boring, we just walked around and looked at it. I'm so glad we did. It was pretty dang amazing walking across it, and looking down was crazy scary! Kyler kept pushing himself up to look over the concrete walls and even made Adam nervous! After we were done we decided to go back down to the strip to Circus Circus....We should have just gone back to the hotel! That side of the strip is just nasty! Porn everywhere, and just plain dirty! We walked back to the tram as fast as we could, and got out of there! Ethan was not impressed with Vegas AT ALL...but they did all really love the roller coaster at NYNY :) And that evening we found a Fox outlet store....We all loved it, I'm glad its the only one or I would be in trouble!! 
Bright and early Monday morning I got a wake up call from Rene. She is lucky I was already awake!! We loaded up the car, and kids and headed for La Quinta. The heavenly part of our trip begins!!
We got there a little before we could actually check into our house so we went to Renes and changed into swimsuits and headed to the pool. And really that is where we were everyday, all day. Except for Thursday when we went to the water park. It was the best vacation! We relaxed, we swam, lazed by the pool, and just enjoyed being with our family! I have the 2 best sisters I could have ever asked for, our husbands are friends, our kids all love each other and get along great, our nieces and nephews are fun, happy, good kids that we just really love being around. Friday was our last day, so we all went to Michelles house. They had their own private pool, We got a few more hours of family, fun, and sun before we had to hit the road. It was sad to have to leave, especially since everyone else was staying until Sunday, but we had a long drive ahead of us and Adam had to get back to work. All in all this trip was one of the best we have ever had!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2 posts in 2 days....I am on a roll :) yesterday I was pretty bored, and feeling a little yucky....Thanks for sharing your cold AJ!! So I spent a while surfing blogs. One that I read was by one of my sisters friends who moved to Canada probably about a year ago. Iv read it a few times since she moved and can relate to alot of her feelings about being in a new place so far from home, and trying to find where you fit. I readily admit most of my facebook posts and blogs since we have moved here are pretty negative. I haven't found my place here, and spend most of my days alone bored out of my mind. Mostly because I'm pretty shy, and cant seem to step out of my comfort zone to make friends. Iv been here going on 8 months now. In that time I could have just about grown another human, but cant seem to get over my feelings of not fitting. Sure I have met a lot of people, but that's about as far as it goes. Anyway I kind of got off  track....Back to that blog I read yesterday! It was something along the lines of focusing on the donut, not the hole. Or in other words don't dwell on the negative, but on the positive instead! I don't know what it was about that wording, but a light bulb went off! I have, as much as I try not to, been way to focused on the hole!! So in this post I am going to list my favorite things about being here, so when I have a bad day I can read them and do a little more focusing on that donut :)

  1. Stability.....this one is HUGE for us! Adam has always had good jobs, that have supported us pretty well for the most part, but there was always feast and famine. I had to do some serious creative budgeting for most of our marriage. Old habits die hard, but I am so relieved to have financial stability!!!
  2. Medical benefits....Another huge one! We had not had them for over 3 years. Thankfully our family is really healthy and we didn't have any major catastrophes in those years! The day Adam started his job, our benefits started and they are CHEAP compared to today's standards!
  3. Retirement plan.....I wont have to be a greeter at Wal Mart when we are old!! YIPPEE :)
  4. Addison is so happy here!! He has made a couple good friends and just seems more in his element:)
  5. We bought our first home....There are definitely perks to renting that I miss, but its kind of cool to be a homeowner!
  6. My sister Michelle....I guess you could say we follow my sisters, and this move has put us close to Michelle and her family! I cant imagine being here without her!
  7. All the fun the boys are having in this snowy place!
  8. All the time Adam and I get to spend together. He really is my best friend, he spoils me rotten, loves me unconditionally, and I couldn't do this life thing without him!
  9. Ethan has started piano lessons and amazes me how good he is at it! Jessica is teaching him and I hope he continues with it for a long long time! The best part of being at both my sisters houses is when Arianne or Jessica or Austin sit down and starts playing! BEAUTIFUL!!!

That's all I can think of for now, but its a good start!
Focus on the donut!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bills and Things

Ever think about how much money you would have if you didn't have to pay your bills? Well I think about that ALOT!! Especially when I sit down to pay bills! I cringe every time I open the mailbox and see my water bill....And for good reason! We have come to the conclusion that we must have a water leak somewhere, but cant do anything about it until the ground thaws....yet another reason why I am praying for this snow to melt! Since November we have paid a whopping 660$ in water alone! When I think what I could do with 600 dollars I want to cry:( That is like 4 plane tickets home to see my family....I'm sure I could buy a whole new wardrobe or at least get a good start on one! Or it would totally pay for a nice weekend away with Adam.....But nope it payed for  WATER!!! I have become the water nazi. 4 minute showers for the boys, and I swear I say a hundred times a day "TURN THE WATER OFF, do you want to pay my water bill???" Its totally frustrating. I got my bill again yesterday and guess what another 225$ bill. My sister, who lives about 10 miles away and has a family of 6 and is on the same water we are is paying roughly 65$ a month....yep 65$!!!!! When I called the water co 2 months ago I was told our usage was pretty normal....REALLY???? on what planet??? I could see if it was summer and we were watering our whole yard, had a small farm, and 15 kids....But its winter, we have 3 kids, and no farm!! I'm calling them again today to see if they can work with me. But I'm not holding my breath! On another note....I pay my bills, on time, EVERY month so why is it I have to get collection calls for someone who doesn't?? Just because I have the same last name as said person doesn't mean I am in contact with him or could make him pay his bills just because I am!! Its so irritating to me that I get bothered DAILY when it isn't me that owes the money. Ok rant over :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Winter has never been my favorite time of year. I am more of a Spring and Summer kind of girl. I really enjoy Fall as well. I mean who doesn't? The kids are finally back in school after a long lazy summer, and the weather is starting to turn cool and crisp. PERFECT! That's what I am used to anyway! I remember back in October starting to feel a little irritated. It was still pretty hot here and I was ready to pull out my hoodies and warmer clothes...{I LOVE me some hoodies!!} I remember saying to my sister at the time that I wished it would cool down so I could enjoy my Fall, and her laughing and saying be careful what you wish for!! Well lesson learned! It has been a beyond Frigid winter!! I am tired of being cold, the snow is no longer pretty and school was cancelled today for ice. I cant say I miss the rain (I DON'T!!!) but I do miss the mild winter temps of Washington. I cant even describe how cold its been. I guess the best way is to say 28 feels like a heat wave, sort of! Over winter break it was in the negatives, to cold to even go outside! We tried to sit in our hot tub one night, but it was so cold our faces froze so I haven't attempted it again in about 3 weeks :(  I am trying to deal with it the best way I can and not complain to much, but dang I am DONE with it!!
Adam and the kids have definitely enjoyed all the snow, and have a new love....snowmobiling! I never imagined being able to do such a thing in our own yard but that's exactly what they have been doing! That and snowboarding. We have a couple really good hills close to home so they have gotten to do alot of it!  Addison has even decided to learn how so he can be part of all the fun his dad and brothers have! He is trying really hard and I am so happy that he is! He tends to take after me and doesn't much enjoy being outside in the cold :)
I am reading alot, and just trying to stay positive. This move has been incredibly hard on me, and I let myself forget how blessed we are to be here and  have the stability we have so needed all these years. I am totally fine when Adam is home, but the days he works I just sit and dwell on all the things I am missing at home. Yes I still consider Chehalis to be my home, maybe one day I wont, but for now I do!
Adam still LOVES his job, and is always saying he cant believe they pay him to do it. He has advanced really fast and is a trainer now too. Most of the time he likes it, but he does get guys who just don't get it and drive him crazy.
We have some exciting things coming up, and we plan on spending alot of this summer in Washington with friends and family. And 2 fun weddings in August and September that I am so excited for! We may not make it to both since they are only a month apart and in Oregon, but we are going to try our hardest! Adams boss makes fun of him because he always has so much notice when he needs days off...I cant help it, I have a lot of time on my hands to plan our trips :) First up Palm Springs for spring break!! I cant wait!! Family, Friends, Sun, and FUN!!

{that is an ice cicle!!!)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

~14 years and going strong!!~

The last few days I have been thinking alot about next week.....Wednesday to be exact. December 19th we will celebrate our 14th anniversary! WOW!! I know in the big picture we are just getting started, but I still think 14 years is something to be proud of! I have to admit I'm just really excited!! Every year I think about how far we have come, as a couple, as parents, as people. Most people probably do this on their birthdays but for some reason our anniversary is when I reflect. I guess because my birthday means a whole lot of nothing to me, ya its nice if people remember and send me a wish, but when that number goes up I don't do a whole lot of celebrating:) When the number of years we have been married goes up, I get all giddy and want to shout it from the rooftops!!
In 14 years we have had alot of ups and downs, but I am happy to say the good DEFINITELY outweighs the bad! There is still no one I would rather spend my time with, which is especially good when you move to the middle of nowhere:) I look forward to spending the next 14 years together, and the many many more after that. Life just keeps getting better and I couldn't be happier{unless of course we could move back to Chehalis....that would make me happier!!}

Monday, November 12, 2012

~30 days of Thankful~
As most of you know I am kind of a Facebook addict. Its only gotten worse since we moved to Spring Creek. I have A LOT of time on my hands, so I find myself constantly checking in on my peeps. Adam works really long hours, and the boys are in school all day, so whats a girl to do? Well since November started I have been seeing the posts everyday of what people are thankful for. I decided to go a different way and write this blog. Here is my list of Thankfulness:)
  1. Adam~ he gets the number 1 spot for MANY reasons! He works harder than any person I have ever known, he took a huge risk in April starting over in a new career and is rocking it!! I was worried he would regret leaving the paving industry that he loved so much, but so far so good! He seems to love mining and really loves the stability it brings our family! He spoils the kids and I rotten, he is my very best friend and the sole reason I am surviving here. He makes me laugh, reminds me daily not to sweat the small stuff, loves our kids with everything he has, Loves my family as much as I do, listens to all my fears and loves even my worst qualities, loves my friends, helps with the house work, can fix anything(except a broken heart as he would say) isn't afraid to talk to our boys about the uncomfortable stuff, teaches them by example how to be  good men, he cooks....really well!! but most of all, he loves ME, the good, the bad, and the down right UGLY!! he showers me with compliments, and has really made me see the good in myself since day one. I am one LUCKY girl!!
  2. My awesome kids~ They are each so different from each other, but amazing in their own ways! Addison is definitely the comedian, Ethan is the kind hearted sweet one, and Kyler is the baby in every sense of the word...SPOILED ROTTEN:) It is so hard for me to see them growing up so fast! In my eyes they will always be babies!But I am so proud of the young men they are becoming. They all do well in school, they hardly ever fight with each other, and lately I am seeing more and more all 3 of them getting along and being nice to each other. Fingers crossed that it lasts:) I have to add that though Ethan gets the title of kind hearted  ALL 3 of them really have that quality...Ethan is just over and above!
  3. Adams job~ In this crazy economy we have been so blessed! Adam has had to change jobs quite a few times, but we are doing well! Hopefully this job will take us into retirement:)
  4. My sisters~ Michelle, Rene, and Tiffany~ What can I say, without these amazing women in my life I don't know where I would be. Each one of them has helped me through some difficult times in my life. They are all amazing moms!! But most of all they are my friends. We have so much fun together and just love being together. Living so far apart is not easy for me. If this were a perfect world we would all be in the same town or at least the same state. But since this is my Thankfulness post I will just be Thankful we will all be together at Thanksgiving!
  5. My parents~ They are the best parents and grandparents I could ask for! I really took a lot for granted when we lived close, if I could go back I would change so much! I am so grateful for the time they spend and the love they show my kids. They just really are the BEST!!
  6. My brothers~ Scott, has been my hero as far back as I can remember. He is my big brother and I love him so much! Darrell and Mike~They love my sisters, and I love them! Ryan, Erich, Seth,and Jared~ my brothers weather they like it or not, haha! these seven men have a special place in my heart. I don't admit it very often, I guess because they are manly men who I'm afraid would just laugh at me if I were to tell them I love them, but I do. Maybe one day I will tell them....
  7. My nieces and nephews~ I never knew I could love like I love these kids! I only thought I could love my own so much, but turns out my heart can hold a lotta love! This post will get really long if I mention each one so Ill spare you all that, but they are all amazing people I am so proud of!!
  8. The best friends a girl could ask for!!!~One of the hardest things about leaving home was leaving the best friends I have ever had! I miss them all every day, and am so blessed to have them in my life, we may be separated by what feels like a million miles, but they will always be close to me in my heart!
  9. Cousins~ my kids have the best cousins:)
  10. Our home~ its nice and fits our family perfectly (for now)
  11. Our car~ it takes us where we need to go and allows us to go home whenever we can!!
  12. Blessings~ I am so blessed everyday...far beyond what I deserve I'm sure!!
There is so much more I am Thankful for, but this is a pretty good list and its getting really long so Ill stop here. Thanksgiving is BY FAR my favorite holiday and I cant wait to spend it with the people I love most!!